Enscape in Rhino3D: Quick & Easy

Quick and easy videos on using Enscape in Rhino3D to improve your 3d visualization. Most are a minute long, showing Rhino Tool Tab setup; Named Views to switch quickly between Rhino and Enscape; Enscape Materials in Rhino and Materials scaling; Enscape Assets Library; Exporting and sharing rendered views.

These Enscape in Rhino quick and easy tutorials to improve 3d visualization were presented in a one hour demonstration session with one of our clients.

They have been edited to minute long clips for easy consumption, showing Tools Tab setup in Rhino; Named Views and Enscape View management for saved views and able to switch quickly between them. How to import and assign Enscape’s Materials in Rhino. (Quite an extensive collection of materials).  We also examine materials scaling this is done through Rhino ; The Assets Library lets you place objects individually or in a selection of different objects, with the option for randomizing and reviewing before committing to desired layout; Exporting screen captures, batch exporting of saved views and panoramas. And sharing them through QR code or by weblink.

Context Model Import Format: If the context is from Revit or another modeling program, exporting the context model in OBJ file format, and importing this into Rhino will include layers and materials as well.

This is good if you are working on landscape design where the layers used are simple and few. But may be a bit onerous if you have to manage the Rhino Layers as well as Layers from the context model. Something to consider.

An observation: We go through hoops to get plants and trees suitable for the Australian environment. The Lands Design – plug in for Rhino and AutoCAD is meeting this need. We have been trailing this pluin in Rhino and we recommend you give this a look in. There is a surprising number of Australian Flora content here for your scene setup.

Enscape Tool Bar & Tools Tab in Rhino

Named Views & View Management

Enscape Asset Library

Materials & Materials Scaling

Exporting Views

Sharing Views - QR Code & Weblink

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