Revit 2023: Content Creation – Essential Tips

Revit Content creation has become essential to the AEC and BIM team. We continue to explore 12 essential tips to support the Revit Family Content Creation Workflow.
Revit 2023 Content Creation

Essential Tips 1, 2, 3

TIP 1: The importance of planning before modeling your content.
TIP 2: Always review the location of the Origin Point.
TIP 3: Relocating the Origin Point. A fix for Families.

Essential Tips 4, 5, 6

TIP 4: The importance of using the correct Family Category.
TIP 5: How to change a Generic Family Category to a different Family Category.
TIP 6: Practice consistent naming conventions.

Essential Tips 7, 8, 9

TIP 7: Creating a visual Revit Family Content grid catalogue for quick, easy access.
TIP 8: Not strictly a content creation tip, but hey! Still need to know about Solar Study.
TIP 9: The Close Inactive Views Button to help speed up your workflow.

TIP 10: Reference Planes, Parameters and Dimensions.
TIP 11: Flexing the model thing.
TIP 12: What are Cuttable and Non-Cuttable Categories?

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