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An invaluable set of Add-ins for Revit, saving you time on menial and repetitive tasks so that you can concentrate on more important things.

ViewlisticVP's included Revit Add-ins

Renumber Anything

Renumbers elements from any category, with alphanumeric, and prefix/suffix options.  Renumber by selection or drawing a line through elements.

Automatic Legend Generator

Creates Formatted Legend views for any category. Ideal for setting out your window and door schedules, with smart parameters, which report window Marks and Type Marks. 

Import / Export Anything

Similar to the other BIM Linking solution, without the hefty price tag. Import and Export anything using Excel.  

Reference Plane Clean-up

Deletes all reference planes that do not constrain any items and also do not have a specific name assigned.

View Filter Manager

Provides an overview of how View Filters have been used within a project.

View Clean-up

The clean-up routine is designed to strip out the majority of views and sheets, leaving just the base model.

Selection Filter - Modeless

The most powerful Revit Selection Filter we’ve seen.

Workset Views

Create a series of 3D views with only one “User” workset displayed.

Floors by Rooms

Creates floors from placed rooms based on perimeter.

Sheet Manager

Create sheets with Views placed aligned to the position.

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We are collaborating with AR Software Solutions to bring our valued clients, 10 of the most useful, everyday tools designed for Revit users. 

Like Viewlistic, they are Australian owned and operated, meaning all content has been developed in Australia with no obsolete foreign workflows, and best of all – support is managed right here in Australia.

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