AutoCAD to Revit isn’t that hard

"We felt the need to move to Revit It's almost become industry standard as well. We didn't want to be left behind, we’re always trying to be proactive and forward thinking. " Matt Martin | Director Detail Studio
AutoCAD to Revit isn't that hard

AutoCAD to Revit isn't that hard when you have a guiding hand.

If you have ever considered taking that step from working in 2D in AutoCAD to 3D Modeling in Revit. Check out our story below. 

Matt Martin (Director) and Lauren Rollinson (Architect)of Detail Studio Adelaide, generously let you in on their move from AutoCAD to Revit .  You will hear sound advice to consider when you decide to take that journey. Not a decision to be taken lightly, but one you will make.

Joe Keogh, our Design Technology Leader, Director is there to give a guiding hand. 

We hope this will help you start thinking and asking some important questions before you make that move.

Also watch out for Part 2 of AutoCAD to Revit: about Content Creation.

"Obviously moving to Revit was quite cost prohibitive as a a small to medium sized firm, but we certainly assess the value, in that we had previously tried to in-house move to Revit unsuccessfully, the upscaling and training in staff was was paramount for us to do it properly. "

AutoCAD to Revit isn’t that hard

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