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Viewlistic guarantee successful Revit implementation for your team

Our Virtual BIM Management (VBIMM), has been successful in transitioning 100% of our clients to Revit, in just 12-months.

Learn more about our VBIMM process and why we have clients reporting immediate efficiency gains by using our tailored implementation and BIM Management.


Benefit from our decades of practical industry experience including design technology systems development, implementation, training, and support.


Consolidate your licencing cashflow management to suit your business, and centralise your support to the one responsive point of contact.


We believe our collaborative approach is what sets us apart. We work closely with our clients, industry partners and developers to add value to any business.

Peer Review of your Revit / BIM Systems

Every once in a while, it is prudent to have a review of your current set up.

As independent experts in BIM Management and Revit Best Practices, we are available to conduct thorough reviews of your Autodesk Revit Template, Revit Families and content.

In most cases we find that our clients systems have been well developed, to a point, and then a BIM Manager has moved on, that’s where the development either stops, or changes direction.

Training & Consulting Services

We offer customised training and consulting to help you reduce risk, improve efficiency and streamline workflows in your practice.

With over 50 years of combined experience in architecture and design, we provide holistically considered solutions to the many challenges facing modern practices.

Viewlistic take the time to understand what you want to achieve, and then customise our training and consulting to precisely what you need.

BIM Implementation & Change Management

Our team of experienced BIM Managers  have transitioned many Architecture practices to Revit, with a 100% success rate.

Our approach is process-driven, first identifying the obstacles, opportunities and key stakeholders, then defining a plan that is clear and achievable.

Whether implementing BIM, new data management systems, or leveraging your current outputs, we can help you with your chosen design technology solutions – plus the training and support required to guide you through the process – including:

  • Revit (BIM)
  • Vault Data Management
  • Cloud Collaboration Solutions
  • Virtual Reality
  • Prototyping – and more

Need to transition to Autodesk Revit?

License & User Management

Managing user licenses can be time consuming and take you away from other critical business activities.


We have helped hundreds of companies consolidate manage and streamline their software contracts.

We can streamline your user management, managing the process for you to ensure you are getting the best return on your investment.


Our focus is to ensure your licenses are efficiently managed to suit your cash flow preferences, financing or to maximise scalability, rather than maximising our own profits.

Advanced Technical Support

If we sell it, we can support it.

We can provide training, advice and tech support for all of the products we sell.

Choose the “Advanced Technical Support” option on any Autodesk Product in our e-store to receive:

  • Licensing, activation, user management, and product specific support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Tech Support
    • Monday to Friday 8am-6:30pm
    • Phone and ticketed email support
    • Live help in Teamviewer, Zoom, or Teams
  • Up to 4 industry updates per year, 1-2 hour sessions tailored to your requirements:
    • Customised demo of any products we support
    • Presentation on alternative Design Technology solutions of your choice
    • Targeted training
    • New features presentations
    • Q&A sessions on specific workflows
    • Industry news and events
    • Technical specialist workshop
    • Workflow audit and review session

Industries we cover

Architecture & Design
Product Design & Manufacturing

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