Discovery Session – Nuts & Bolts

"we quickly realized that one day we would have to move into the big space, so the discovery session for us was a way of streamlining that process and making it simple and as efficient as possible. " Nick Lukas (Director - Architecton)

"Talking with clients about the tools that they're using in their workflows, we always look at the best tool for them. We understand that the one tool isn't right for everybody, ..."


In our video below, we give you a foretaste of  what are the nuts and bolts of a discovery session and why
this would give a clearer picture of your workflow and design technology needs. 

There are 3 phases in the discovery session.

We start with the Discovery Phase, where we look at your aspirations.

With that as the driving principle, we then identify your current workflows and work processes:

  • What process are working well, that you like to bring forward.
  • What processes need improving,
  • and what needs to be different.


With the collected data we move to the Assessment Phase:

Here Viewlistic builds a Roadmap, which combines what we have
learnt from you and our experience in the AEC industry.

We hope the Roadmap will give a good picture of where and how to move your business ahead.

The Roadmap will look at issues like: Workflows,
Content, Templates, Infrastructure, Hardware, Software and Skills Training.

The last phase is the Implementation Phase, where we
review the Roadmap with you. The implementation of the Roadmap will be in full
consultation with you. 

Also watch out for Part 1 of Reasons Why You Need Discovery

Digging deeper into the delivery session with Nick Lukas (Director – Architecton), Guy Smithers (Director – Viewlistic) and Joe Keogh (Director – Viewlistic)

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