Moving to Revit? Creating Content

"So content creation is tackled right at the start before we start any training of anyone working in Revit. We try to develop as much of your standard content. That you're going to need for every project right at the start. " Joe Keogh | Director Viewlistic
AutoCAD to Revit Content Creation

What about Revit Content?

Once you have made that decision to move from AutoCAD to Revit, the logical next step or question is what about Revit Content.

This is an important issue because having good reliable content is one of the key factors that will impact on productivity. By this we mean the amount of time you save having Revit content at hand.

Our video below will highlight how Viewlistic and Detail Studio work together to tackle the issue of Revit content and Revit Content Creation. Looking at Revit Families and Revit Templates, which contains your documentation standards (unique to each practice).

If you are still considering the move from AutoCAD to Revit, check out our video, also with Detail Studio on their experience of the move. Link here.

If you have made the move and are in the middle of that transition and want tyo know more about how you management and distribute your Revit Content Library, we highly recommend Kinship. Link here.

"Obviously moving to Revit was quite cost prohibitive as a a small to medium sized firm, but we certainly assess the value, in that we had previously tried to in-house move to Revit unsuccessfully, the upscaling and training in staff was was paramount for us to do it properly. "

AutoCAD to Revit Content Creation: How did Design Studio tackle Content Creation in Revit

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