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Simple, effective tools to automate repetitive Revit tasks, and streamline workflows and BIM Management.

Meet the Plugins

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Xporter automates Printing and Exporting in Revit 


RTV Xporter automates the process of exporting and printing drawing sheets and views in Autodesk Revit.

Quickly browse, search and filter Revit drawing sheets and views using the intuitive RTV Xporter interface.

Automate the process of creating PDFs, DWG, DWF, DWFx, DXF and IFC files. RTV Xporter’s built-in parametric file naming engine automatically saves the exported files to match any company’s or project team’s file naming conventions with ease.

RTV Xporter also supports batch printing to two separate printers simultaneously giving your project teams more time to design and coordinate their BIM projects. With virtually no setup required, just install and automate!

Multiple Exports

Including DWG, DXF, PDF and IFC, While printing to two physical printers, simultaneously, to quickly produce printed and digital documents in one efficient process.

Multiple PDF Printers

Supports multiple virtual PDF printers, including Adobe Acrobat, PDF Creator, Bluebeam.

Automatic Naming

Automatically name digital files using parameters from your Revit project, includes shared and project parameters  Views or Sheets

Pre-set Naming

Set and forget’ your projects file naming conventions when creating your digital documentation.

Xporter Pro automates BIM deliverables from Revit


Exporter Pro comes with all of the functionality of RTV Xporter, but takes your Revit automation to the next level with powerful tools to streamline collaboration and sharing files.

RTV Xporter Pro includes Scheduling functions that brings the ability to pre-define tasks in Revit that are executed in a fully autonomous mode, this includes;

  • Starting Autodesk Revit
  • Opening and closing Revit project files,
  • Executing pre-configured tasks,
  • Printing and Exporting of files 

With virtually no setup required, just install and automate!

Unattended scheduled tasks 

RTV Xporter allows you to create and execute unattended scheduled tasks and batch processes in Revit, allowing you to undertake other tasks while the PC does all the work for you, without you needing to be there.

Create files from 2D Drafting Views

Scan existing Revit projects for 2D Drafting Views and automatically extract and save them as individual Revit files, allowing you to efficiently mine data and content for your BIM projects.

Automatic Export and Upload to FTP sites 

Export and Upload your digital documentation in one efficiently process with the RTV Xporter, PRO version.

Document your BIM with Drawing Manager


RTV Drawing Manager for Revit, automates the creation of drawing sheets, document transmittals, including Revit drawing sheets, PDFs, DWG, DWF, DWFx, DXF and IFC files, with automatic file naming.

Display parameters and custom metadata parameters, drawing revision clouds and revision notes in Revit.

  • Amend and control all Revit Drawing Sheet and View parameters.
  • Export simultaneously to PDF, DWG, DWF, DWFx, DXF and IFC files complete with automatic project file naming for file name, including the current drawing sheet revision i.e. A-XB-23_045[A1c].dwg.
  • Manage, control and ‘lock down’ project specific BIM standards, file naming conventions and parameters across multiple Revit project files with ease.
  • Record, track and report on all project document issues, including Matrix, Simple and custom document transmittals, transmittal report export formats include PDF, Word, Excel, RTF.
  • Automatically revise and update project drawing sheet revisions, including the tagging of revision clouds.
  • Link multiple Revit project files into ONE documentation manager to revise, update and issue multiple Drawing Sheets and External Documents at once.
  • Batch print simultaneously to TWO printers, allowing you to print full size and half size hardcopies.
  • Support for complex Drawing Sheet revisioning and versioning conventions, including the UK BIM Standard BS1192.2007, i.e. ‘P01, P02, P03…’ & ‘P01.1, P01.2, P01.3…’
  • Supports sub-revision amendment annotation conventions i.e.
A 12|04|2012 Issued Construction
1. Relocated toilet to west wall
2. Deleted window
3. Added new sliding door
  • Support for simultaneous Drawing Sheet numbering conventions allowing project teams to comply with external project file naming and numbering formats, i.e. A-XB-23_045 (printed drawing) and A045 (in Revit and for internal sheet referencing)
  • Connect to Outlook and Synergy contact databases.
  • Support stand-alone and network licensing models, allowing installation scalability from 1 -> 1000 Revit seats from one coordinated SQL database.

Schedule your BIM with Reporter

RTV Reporter provides Revit users with an intuitive interface to quickly collate, filter, schedule and extract parameter values from multiple Revit model categories to create dynamic schedules and reports using the  intuitive built-in report designer to automatically create furniture and fixtures schedules, door and window hardware schedules and bill of materials schedules and reports.
  • Schedule multiple Autodesk Revit categories.
  • Customisable reporting engine, including any page format and size.
  • Export to reports and schedules to multiple file formats, including PDF, Word and Excel.
  • Insert raster images from Autodesk Revit families into schedules and reports.
  • Simultaneously schedule Type and Instance parameters on the same Report.
  • Virtually no set-up required, just install and automate your work processes today.
Schedule multiple categories

An intuitive interface to help you quickly collate, filter, schedule data. Extract data from multiple categories.

Customisable reporting engine, Any Page Format

Scan existing Revit projects for 2D Drafting Views and automatically extract and save them as individual Revit files. Mine data and content for your BIM projects.

Export to multiple file formats

Quickly export your schedules and reports to multiple digital file formats including PDF, Word and Excel.

COnCURRENTLY schedule Type and Instance parameters

Create schedules and reports from data in both Revit Type and Instance parameters on the same report.

AUTO-Insert raster images from families 
Automatically add photographs and raster images to your BIM schedules and reports from  Families.

Organise your BIM with Shared Parameter Manager


RTV Shared Parameter Manager for Revit, automates the process of creating and editing Shared Parameters.

  • Create, Edit, Rename and Delete single or multiple parameters from Revit project files and Families.
  • Replace and substitute existing shared parameters with new shared parameters across single or multiple Revit projects and Families.
  • Exchange parameters without losing existing stored or recorded data associated with the shared parameters.
  • Centrally manage multiple project or company shared parameter files from one easy to interface..
  • Support stand-alone and site licensing models, allowing installation scalability from 1 -> 1000 Revit seats from one coordinated SQL database.
Centralised Shared Parameter database
  • Centrally store and manage all shared parameter requirements,
  • Manage multiple shared parameter files.
Manage Shared Parameters
  • Manage Shared Parameters without data loss
  • Edit and publish Shared Parameter input values
  • Replace, substitute, edit and purge.
Update multiple Revit family and projects
  • Automatically manage new and existing Shared Parameters
  • Manage Shared Parameters in multiple family and project files,
  • Batch process selected files or all files in an entire directory.

Colour your BIM with Manufacturer Quality Paint


RTV Paint for Revit, automates the process of creating paint materials. Browse, search and create Revit paint materials from manufacturers paint colour swatches using the intuitive RTV Paint user interface.

  • Search by paint colour name.
  • Search by colour hue using the built-in colour wheel.
  • Search for complementary and similar colour hues and tones with our built-in colour matching algorithms.
  • Browse through thousands of paint colours from leading paint manufacturers including, Dulux, Resene, Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore.
  • Automatically create ‘ready to visualize’ Revit paint materials with ‘one click’.
  • Manage company standards and material naming conventions.
Interactive Paint Colour Wheel
  • Search 1000’s of manufactures paint finishes
  • Search colour swatches by colour hue and colour name,
  • Includes Dulux, Benjamin Moore, Resene, Sherwin Williams and more.
Built-in colour matching algorithms
  • RTV Paint uses advanced colour matching algorithms
  • Create complimentary colour schemes and paint materials within your Revit projects.
Manage Revit material naming syntax
  • Automatically manage the material naming syntax of paint materials
  • Create custom company or project code prefixes.
Import custom Autodesk Colorbook (.acb files)

Create Revit paint materials from imported custom or other 3rd party Autodesk Colorbook files.

Automatically create Revit Paint materials

RTV Paint automatically creates single or multiple Revit Paint materials from the supplied manufacturer colour swatches directly within your Revit project file.


RTV Xporter Pro

3D Architecture Design Software

$70.00$11,850.00 ex. GST


RTV Xporter

3D Architecture Design Software

$15.00$5,150.00 ex. GST

RTV Shared Parameter Manager

3D Architecture Design Software

$180.00$2,600.00 ex. GST


RTV Reporter

3D Architecture Design Software

$100.00$20,000.00 ex. GST