Virtual BIM Management.
On demand BIM Management for your whole team, at a fraction of the cost of a full-time BIM Manager.

Need to Convert your team to Autodesk Revit, get in touch with us, to discuss how to implement Revit in as little as 3-months, with the comfort of knowing that you’ll be fully supported for a minimum of 12-months.

Why outsourced BIM Management makes sense.

  • Cost effective.  
      • Remote BIM Management costs significantly less than an in-house BIM Manager
  •  Continuity.
      • Staff come and go, when you change BIM Managers, they’ll change your systems.
  •  Work with a proven system.
      • Our Revit templates and content are used by numerous design practices.
  •  Continual improvements. 
      • We’re always improving what we do.
  • Years of experience.
      • Work with a team of highly experienced BIM Managers.
  • Advanced Systems.
      • Starting from scratch doesn’t have to mean starting from behind 
  • We don’t get resourced to projects,

      • so we’re always available

Request our VBIMM Guide

Click below to contact us and we will send you a Guide including fee’s, standard inclusions and T&C’s

The Viewlistic Revit Template

Viewlistic’s Revit template provides a well structured project, excellent graphic style, and intricate filtering to show only what you need to show in each drawing.

What makes our approach to BIM Implementation so successful?


      • Our many years of experience.

      • Understanding your needs.

      • A systematic approach.

      • Our training is customised to your company.

      • A thoroughly developed Revit Template.

      • A comprehensive Revit Content Library.

      • Ongoing on-demand support, for every question you’ll ever need to ask.


Revit Content

Viewlistic provide you with a wide range of Revit Content to cover your project needs. 

If we don’t have it, we’ll build it.

All of our content is hosted in the cloud, so that you can be sure its easy to access, and always the latest version.